Consult HEARTECH-MIWA on power problems in various facilities including factories, commercial facilities, and office buildings.

Compressors consume approximately 30% of the overall power in a factory.
We have been engaged in the compressor business for many years.
It is this experience that allows us to propose a total energy-saving system for different facilities including factories.
We can offer the best system that suits the customer’s specific needs and solve their problems.

Want to reduce
electricity bills!

We promise a drastic improvement of power efficiency with the energy-saving automated control panels “MIWA ECONO-SYSTEM” created from the technological capabilities and development capabilities of HEARTECH-MIWA with a thorough knowledge of compressors.

For the safe operation
of facilities during power failures!

In case of unpredictable power failures, our products can protect your equipment and ensure their operation. With our fuel gas compressors for cogeneration system created using the joint development with partner companies, we make proposals for the safe operation of your facilities.

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Compressors are the core of power used in factories.
We will keep satisfying their stable operations with our “robust technical skills.”

We have been engaged in the compressor business for over more than half a century.
With reliable maintenance services based on our technological capabilities, the construction of systems created from our knowhow and the nationwide network built up by our reliability and achievements, all of which are cultivated for that long time, we will protect the safety of your facilities.

Designated maintenance factory for KOBELCO compressors

We, HEARTECH-MIWA, have been a designated maintenance factory for KOBELCO compressors that offer the world’s best performance. With our secure technological capabilities, we will provide the best support.

Use of the service data acquired from 30,000 compressors

We have been supporting more than 30,000 compressors. We consolidate the management of all service data with our original database and support the safety operations of factories.

Speedy response
at 25 bases throughout Japan

We have 25 service bases, and this number is at the top class in Japan. We will rush to customers surely and promptly through the nationwide network when they need us.

We produce total solutions for energy saving at our customers’ factories through not only compressor sales but also proposals for complete systems.

Compressors are the core of power used in factories, and the key aspect in achieving energy saving.
We not only make the best choice for compressors, but also make comprehensive judgments on the customers’ environments,
including preparatory equipment. We will achieve the optimum energy saving from the customer’s perspective.

We make proposals for optimum energy-saving plans using accurate data.
We achieve the best energy-saving solution for our customers.

By performing our own analysis on the operational statuses of all
the compressors we support and based on the numerical values calculated using the accurate data,
we make plans for “true energy saving.”

Keeping the craftsmanship handed down to us since the foundation in 1965 in our hearts, we will continue to provide solutions for the technologies of the new era.

The spirit of our organization, handed down since our foundation, is one of accepting no compromises.
We will continue to provide further improvements for all technological, development, and service capabilities.

Group companies

We provide comprehensive support for essential services in factory operation, including logistics and various constructions.